Comprehensive Biography of Victor Blom

Viktor Blom, also known as Isildur1 in the poker community, has earned millions of dollars through extremely aggressive online poker strategies. His preferred version of poker to play is No-Limit Texas Hold’em, as he has found much success playing this game.
His identity was concealed until January 2011, when he joined the PokerStars professional team.

The story of Blom is filled with both devastating lows and exhilarating highs. It is common knowledge that he gained or lost millions of dollars overnight. Blom is only twenty-four years old, but it is believed that he will become a poker legend in the future.

Early Years

In September of 1990, Viktor Blom was born near Gothenburg, Sweden. He was the youngest of three siblings, with two elder sisters and a brother named Sebastian who were both older.
When Viktor Blom was 14 years old, his elder brother taught him how to play No-limit Texas Hold’em. His brother was impressed by how fast he took up the game.

Blom relished poker so much that he assembled a group of classmates to play during their school lunch periods for a $5 buy-in. At one point, he had over twenty-five regular students.

Blom and his sibling decided to register for an online poker account around the time of Blom’s next birthday. Early in their careers, they placed fifth in a multi-table tournament, winning $300, which was a substantial sum at the time.

Blom’s sibling eventually created him a account with the alias Blom90. Blom was not hesitant to take risks, as evidenced by his constant participation in $500 sit-and-go tournaments.
Within a few months, he amassed more than $275,000 through online poker. Blom continued to take risks, playing for ever-increasing stakes. He ultimately lost his entire bankroll, which caused him to take an extended hiatus from poker.

Online Poker Profession

Blom returned with a vengeance, reactivating his account after an absence of roughly a year. It took him only two days to multiply his $2500 deposit into over $200,000, and after two weeks he had earned a total of $1.7 million.
After the first two weeks, however, he had little success, so he departed to locate a new site.

This is when Blom discovered Full-tilt Poker and genuinely began to garner other player’s attention. His alias was Isildur1, and he began playing against renowned poker professionals such as Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius while concealing his true identity.

Reraises and large bluffs comprised a significant portion of his extremely aggressive strategy. In 2008, Blom, under the screen moniker Isildur1, was nominated for the Rookie of the Year award at the Scandinavian Poker Awards. Blom refused to appear for concern that his identity would be revealed to the United States.

Blom frequently won and lost millions of dollars in a matter of days, always taking significant risks. Blom even challenged renowned poker player Phil Ivey to a No-Limit Hold’em match in which he lost over $3,000,000. Blom was honored to learn that Ivey stated in an interview that Isildur1 was the most difficult opponent he had ever faced.






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